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Tire Services

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Selecting the right tires for your vehicle is an important decision. Your safety, as well as driving enjoyment over many years and tens of thousands of miles will be determined by this decision. We offer many of the major brands of tires and if we don't have it in stock, we can normally have it the next day. Call us today at (262) 250-9021.

How many tires do I need?

Since tires affect the personality and performance of your vehicle, all four tires should be as identical as possible or handling problems may arise. If your tires don't match, it is possible that one end of your vehicle won't respond as quickly or completely as the other, making it more difficult to control.

When should I replace my tires?

Find out if your tires pass the "Penny Test." If your tires are not designed with wear bar indicators, Place a penny into several tread grooves across the tire. If part of Lincoln's head is always covered by the tread, you have more than 2/32" of tread depth remaining and your tires are okay. But, if you can see all of Lincoln's head, it's time for some new tires.